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Many free nfl football picks and free nfl predictions now. Who's behind these so called free nfl picks? What are the handicapping credentials of these prognosticators? Who are these guys, who toss out weekly free NFL football picks, with no ownership of poor results. It seems that they all spin a good yarn, but how many of them have a documented winning nfl football pick record that is worthy of your attention. I surmise that many of these free nfl football pick touts spend Sunday afternoons checking their fantasy football stats.

This website is about free NFL football picks. Backed by one of the nations most respected expert NFL handicappers with 35 years of football handicapping experience. We are indeed, documented and proven "Professional Football Handicappers". At times we may even bring in a guest handicapper to make free nfl football picks.

www.NFL-Football-Picks.Net is committed to providing a high quality experience for readers that is perceived by them to be an outstanding value exceeding their expectations. We will produce the best free nfl football predictions we know how. Be assured we shall strive to do everything possible to merit your respect, trust and confidence without ever misleading you about the possibilities that exist in this chancy exercise.
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Free Pick - NFL Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars vs NY Giants Week 1
Free NFL Football Picks

free nfl football Pick by GIGS

The Jacksonville Jaguars open the season against a NY Giants team in transition. For a look at this matchup with our nfl pick and prediction ... Read more

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Free Pick - NFL Pick - Week 1
Free NFL Football Picks

free nfl football pick by GIGS

More guest picks coming soon. 
Read more

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